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Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

EdiPhy Advisors provides state of the art knowledge-based services to

the health care industry to facilitate understanding of, and ethical

compliance with, the complex regulatory and administrative requirements

in the health care delivery system. Our leadership and staff focus on

services designed to enable physicians, hospitals and other participants

 to achieve their mission of delivery of quality care to the communities

 they serve.

In a phrase, EdiPhy Advisors stands for EXCELLENCE in COMPLIANCE.

 Real people available to provide expertise in compliance solutions,

education, and practical regulatory guidance. We serve various

participants in the healthcare system.

  • Hospital Systems

  • Acute Care Hospitals

  • Critical Access Hospitals

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Behavioral Health Facilities

  • Independent Practice Associations

  • Accountable Care Organizations

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Commercial Health Insurance Companies

  • Law Firms

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